Drupal Technical Expert at European Institutions

European Commission

Brussels, BE

up to 11k/month

There is an urgent need for a Drupal Technical Expert with specific expertise on Off-site Development, Hybrid Clouds Applications, Collaborative Platform and Business Requirements to help on the launch the European Digital Finance Platform

The IT challenge

The expert will help the project initiator to translate its plans and intentions for the Platform into a realistic and executable IT project in the form of tender specifications.
Drawing up a full analysis and specification of the first two building blocks (the observatory and the gateway), while presenting a preliminary analysis and specification of the data hub. The IT expert could in a second step complement the analysis and specification once B5 has defined its needs.
The Platform should be as user-friendly as possible and work on different kinds of devices, while guaranteeing excellent security, as a good deal of the information and data hosted here will be confidential and sensitive. It will need to comply with the Commission’s standards for issues like data protection and accessibility, and to have sufficient server scaling capacity as the number of registered users is expected to reach at least 10000 to 20000.

Multiple stakeholders, notably national and European supervisors, will need to be able to access and share large data sets easily and securely. Data formats will have to be standardised, so as to allow for statistics and innovative reuse of the data and analysis produced or gathered by the Platform.
The Platform will have to host interactive features such as at least one map and a discussion forum, allow for online events and collaboration tools, and include functionalities like contact forms. It will have to provide open source code and methodologies for the digitisation of authorisation processes, so that any national supervisor could integrate e-licensing on their own national portals.
Be responsible for liaising with the Commission’s IT service, DIGIT, as well as DG CONNECT, regarding the DEP project application and possibly assist B5 with monitoring that the chosen contractor delivers according to specifications.
Take care that all proposes solutions should be aligned with the standard of the Commission in term of governance, security, technological stack, and infrastructure.

Skills required

Strong data analytics skills as well as knowledge of and experience with the Commission’s IT governance, methodologies, infrastructure, as well as with EI DPR constraints.
Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings in English and French, ease of communication, excellent in English and French (both verbal and written).
Ability to quickly start, learn and integrate a new project in an international/multi-cultural environment.
Knowledge and experience on DRUPAL CMF and related technologies.
Highly resilient to the stress, reliable and great worker, efficient and effective.
Great team spirit and team player.
High degree of initiative, commitment, independence and cooperation.
Constructive participation in meetings.
Service, quality and delivery oriented mind-set.

Salary and Conditions

Location: Brussels, BE

Salary up to: 550€/day

Worksite type: On-site and Remote

Contract type: Freelancer or Employee

Contract duration: +12 Months

Requires EU nationality: Yes

Job type: Outsourcing

Client: European Commission

Other points of the offer

The salary/daily rates presented are the maximum as a freelancer when meeting all criteria.
Belgium permanent employment contract is also one option, with salaries around 3500-3800€ (value after all taxes), when meeting all criteria.
Feel free to send us a message to know how much could you get precisely.

Important note:
You will be hired by an IT consulting company that has a contract with the European Commission, you won't have any contract with the European Commission.



EU Nationality


11000€ monthly salary

On-site and Remote

Business Analysis

Content Management


English (Full professional)

French (Professional working)

Nice to have

13 years of experience

Master degree

Have any question?

Reach out the job poster

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