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Make IT recruitment more people-focused free of manual CV formatting, where IT recruiters and IT consultants have more time to focus on each other.

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How it works

  1. Interactive wizard

    Step by step user-friendly wizard, where you will be guided through all details of your IT professional career.

  2. Select template

    Once you complete the wizard you can select many different CV templates.

  3. Generate CV

    Download your CV in an editable format on the desired template (docx).

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    Share your IT CV with your IT recruiter.

  5. Update wizard

    Keep your IT experience up to date and keep enjoying the benefits of automated CV.

Easily create your IT CV

Benefits for IT Consultants

Our online tool will help you generate an IT Curriculum Vitae specific for your needs. It will make the process of creating your IT CV a pleasant and time saving experience.

Time and speed

No more manual CV formatting

Single point

Manage all your IT experience from one single point.

One size fits all

Your IT experience will adapt to any of our CV templates.

Easy sharing

Share your CV on the specific template within a few seconds.

Benefits for IT Recruiters

Save time while managing all your IT Consultants CVs from the same platform and get better (and correctly filled) CVs from your IT consultants.

Time and Speed

Get the IT Consultant CV updated within seconds.

Centralized management

Manage your team of IT consultants from a single point.

Quality increase

Get always the CV correctly filled with the right information.

Your CV templates

Add your CV template to our list of templates.


We are too busy building a good product to make IT recruitment more people-focused. Our priority is your trust and feedback. Everything is for free!

CV templates supported

Sprint CV - Sprint CV in-house template

Sprint CV template

Sprint CV offers you our in-house CV, the most complete, modern and up to date IT CV template of the market. It shows all the important things about an IT consultant, rich in content, comprehensive, light and with style. See an example here

Europass 2018 - Europass 2018 for IT professionals

Europass 2018 template

Europass 2018 is the newer version of the most used CV template in Europe. We have built a special Europass that puts your IT skills and IT experience in the spotlight. See an example here

DIGIT-TM - CV template for DIGIT-TM contracts

DIGIT-TM template

DIGIT-TM is the European Commission’s €1 Billion worth contract for IT services across Europe. All consultants under DIGIT-TM contract must fill this CV template. See an example here

DESIS III - CV template for DESIS III contracts

DESIS III template

DESIS III is the European Commission’s €900 Million worth contract for IT services across Europe. All consultants under DESIS III contract must fill this CV template. See an example here

Europass 2010 - Europass 2010 for IT professionals

Europass 2010 template

In 2010, Europass CV template was created by European Union to increase transparency of qualification and mobility of citizens in Europe. It has been largely adopted by the industry and became the template . See an example here

STIS IV - CV template for STIS IV contracts

STIS IV template

STIS IV is the European Commission’s €121 Million worth contract for IT services across Europe. All consultants under STIS IV contract must fill this CV template. See an example here

ITEC-ITS 14 - CV template for ITEC-ITS 14 contracts

ITEC-ITS 14 template

ITEC-ITS 14 is the European Parliament contract for IT services across Europe. All consultants under ITEC-ITS 14 contract must fill this CV template. See an example here

TOPIC - Custom CV template for TOPIC IT consultancy unit

TOPIC template

TOPIC strive for first class project management services, leveraging tier-1 experience. They challenged us to create a CV template for their IT consultancy unit. See an example here

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