Senior BPM-Java Developer at European Commission

European Commission

Brussels, BE

up to 11k/month

European Commission has an open position for Senior BPM-Java Developer, requiring Java, Camunda, Spring, Kafka and SQL

About this IT position

DIGIT.B.3 builds, operates and supports re-usable solutions, promoting their use in information systems both in DIGIT and in the rest of the Commission. The reusable solutions are either developed internally or based on open source software, tailored to the needs of the European Commission.
DIGIT.B.3 wishes to obtain the expertise of a Senior BPM-Java Developer with an expertise in JEE, Workflow engine and distributed architecture.

The IT challenge

- Evolutive maintenance of the current Reusable Solutions service, mainly upon JEE technology
Development, maintenance and operation of the Workflow engine service
- Design, plan, implement integration patterns in a JEE/HTTP secured ecosystem.
- Apply best practices of distributed architecture to solve complex integration problems between information systems and K8s microservices.
- Design, implement and document business events to be produced on a corporate event-streaming platform (Kafka) and consumed by any system from EC.
- Design, plan, implement and deploy BPMN workflows: business process definition and task definition (service or user tasks) relying on APIs and business events.
- Work in a container based infrastructure.

Skills required

Expertise in Java programming language, BPM engine and Enterprise Integration
 Multiple years' work experience with Spring framework, Springboot, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring integration and Apache Camel.
 Excellent knowledge of at least one BPMN workflow engine like Camunda, Activiti, Flowable.
 Excellent knowledge of asynchronous communication and publish/subscribe techniques and technologies,
 Extensive experience with Apache Kafka.
Extensive experience in agile projects in relation with the following development, continuous integration and quality tools: SVN, Maven, Eclipse, JIRA, Bamboo, BitBucket, Confluence.
 Experience in integration projects and DevSecOps practices.
 Good knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and cloud native architectures.
 Good knowledge in GRPC and Protobuf format.
 Good knowledge of distributed or microservice architectures and complex event processing.
 Good knowledge in Web security, OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect
 Effective work experience with SQL, PL-SQL in Oracle.
 Effective experience in migration, export/import, scripts versioning tools (Liquibase or Flyway).

Salary and Conditions

Location: Brussels, BE

Salary up to: 550€/not relevant

Worksite type: On-site and Remote

Contract type: Freelancer or Employee

Contract duration: +12 Months

Requires EU nationality: Yes

Job type: Outsourcing

Client: European Commission

Other points of the offer

Currently due to COVID, the job will be performed 100% remotely, from September onwards, it will required 1 day per week in the office.
The salary/daily rates presented are the maximum as a freelancer when meeting all criteria.
Belgium permanent employment contract is also one option, with salaries around 2500-3500€ (value after all taxes), when meeting all criteria.
Feel free to send us a message to know how much could you get precisely.

Important note:
You will be hired by an IT consulting company that has a contract with the European Commission, you won't have any contract with the European Commission.


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EU Nationality


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English (Full professional)

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13 years of experience

Master degree


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