Java Developers are needed to join large scale projects at European Institutions

European Institutions

Brussels, BE

up to 11k/month

Did you know that Java was elected the main technology of development for the European Commission and many other European institutions?
There is a great need for Java Developer to join projects at European Institutions,

About this IT position

Did you know that Java was elected the main technology of development for the European Commission and many other European institutions? The core of the Backend applications is built in Java, Spring, WebServices and uses mostly Oracle databases. The European Commission uses Camunda as a BPM. The front end of the applications is built mostly in Angular, Javascript, CSS and HTML. The testing is mostly done using Java, Cucumber and Selenium. For analytics the preferred tool is ElasticSearch.
Also, the European Commission alone has more than 2.000 IT consultants supporting, improving and building the IT systems that connect all the member states and build a better Europe.
More than half are Java experts working in Backend, Frontend, Cloud and Architecture roles. Therefore, there is a huge need for these professionals to join the projects and be part of the local team development at the European Commission.

The IT challenge

Currently we are receiving around 10-20 new requests per week for Java Backend Developers, Testers, Java Architects, Front end developers.
European Institutions are in great need for professionals that can help them to build the new systems for the 2021-2027 programmes.
For example the new Erasmus+, Horizon 2030, etc. There are more than 50 large scale applications that need to be built and there is a big need of professionals.

Skills required

Feel free to apply and we will review your CV/application, help you improve it, tell you how much you could get, identify the open positions that better fit you, and put you in direct contact with the delivery managers of the hiring companies, direct providers of the European Commission.

The stack needed for each kind of profile:
Java Developer:
- Good knowledge of Java and web related technologies (J2EE, EJB, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSL, SOAP, REST, WebLogic/Tomcat, Eclipse/IntelliJ, Spring/Hibernate/Vaadin/Wicket, Maven/Bamboo etc.)
- Knowledge of relational database systems (Oracle RDBMS, SQL, PL/SQL)
- Good knowledge of the design and development of web and multi-tier applications
- Experience with enterprise applications architectures (e.g. SOA, Cloud)
- Experience with Angular and Camunda are assets

Frontend developer:
- Knowledge of web technologies and standards (e.g. HTML5, XML, JSON, JQuery, Angular)
- Very good knowledge of JQuery library, CSS mechanism
- Good knowledge of Object Oriented Design, JavaScript programming language, Ajax, MVC pattern

- Experience in Java/JEE environment
- SOAP, REST, JSON and XML standards
- Maven
- TestNG
- Automated tools like Selenium and/or Cucumber
- Jira and Confluence

Java Architect:
- Good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming languages (Java EE)
- Good knowledge of Frameworks (Spring/Hibernate or Swing)
- Good knowledge of Relational DBMS (RDBMS) / Oracle
- Good knowledge of business process analysis & methodologies
- Knowledge of interoperability technology (e.g. web services, message oriented middleware, service oriented bus)

Salary and Conditions

Location: Brussels, BE

Salary up to: 550€/not relevant

Worksite type: On-site and Remote

Contract type: Freelancer or Employee

Contract duration: +12 Months

Requires EU nationality: Yes

Job type: Outsourcing

Client: European Institutions

Other points of the offer

European Commission and other European Institutions provide a pleasant working environment with a great work-life balance to their teams. You will never be asked to do extra hours or work on weekends.
Salaries and rates are based on the professional’s degree and years of experience. For example, to receive 550€/day (11.000€/month gross), you should have a 5 years degree + 13 years of professional experience. The travelling and accommodation in Brussels will be at your own charge.

From September onwards, people will return to the office at least one per week, depending on the unit, some units are being much more flexible.
From October 2022, the majority of external providers will be allowed to do full remote work from their home countries.

Feel free to send us a message to know how much could you get precisely.

Important note:
You will be hired by an IT consulting company that won a contract with the European Institution.


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EU Nationality

English (Professional working)

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5 years of experience

Master degree



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